It's all in our name

1 May 2015

I'm always being asked about our name and how it came about. Here's the background to it...

Change happens when someone has that 'moment of truth', the realisation that things can be done differently.

Humans have a strong social bias to stick with what they know. In fact, the bias can be so strong that people can stick to the status quo to their own and others detriment. So it makes it even more exciting when you help to bring about that breakthrough, the moment when people feel they can, and want to, challenge the norm.

The person or people who one day stopped thinking just about whether people were eating too much meat and decided to also think about what the cows were eating, led to a change that could have a positive and significant impact - cows eating coriander produce less methane. That's why we are called Coriander Cows, because I wanted us to be all about creating an environment where people think about change from all angles, with a sense of fun and positivity.  

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